Solitary Faction

Solitary Faction

So super long ago we spawned at the bottom-most level of the dungeon of evolution. When I say super, I mean this:

So through hundreds of years, we climb up fighting and experiencing so many things. We adapt, we fight each other, and we regroup. But in the end, we have always clung to those close to us. Humans have lived in establishments. We have always been symbiotic.

But, somewhere along as modern society took shape, people adopted the path of the Lonewolf. We strive to be independent. Being dependent is considered a failure. Systemically and fundamentally we are changing. We have somehow considered regrouping as unnecessary. We are like that sparrow that got separated from its flock, and couldn't find its way back so gave up and now lives in isolation. Except in our case, we are all next to each other but we chose isolation. We put ourselves into confinements. We are the warden of our own prison.

Almost as if we have banned ourselves from asking for help. We are all truly prisoners of Askaban. Ask(a)ban geddit? No? Okay. We do have our own dementors keeping us there no doubt. But is imposing isolation on yourself the most solid solution out there?

I am no Bob Ross but, let me paint you a picture of how I think modern society works. There are 5 scientists held in a toxic wasteland. One of them just wants the poisoned(from radiation) owner to die so he can take over. One of them is poisoned(from radiation) himself but is hiding it cause he'll get north-korea'd immediately if they get to know. One of them has sucked up to the manager of the place so is content with where he is. One of them is actually focused and motivated in the research they are trapped there for and the last one is just looking for the best opportunity to break out.

But the thing is absolutely none of them are collaborating. I find that extremely odd. All of them are stuck there and logically from their perspectives all probable combinations of team-ups and collaborations sound flawed. But the fact still remains that they are trapped there. Five people in the same unfortunate circumstance can't escape. It's like there were five Sitas stuck in Lanka and they all sat under a different tree. Look at me giving a hypothetical example to support a hypothetical example whilst pretending the stories are all real. While the storyline seems like an origin of a DC villain, I feel like the construct and the way they all shut themselves out is very real (might not be as dramatic though.)