Ted Buddy

Ted Buddy

A piece that I wrote for an Internship application and got rejected right after.

The topic was "why should content be priced?"

Once lived two best buds. Fred and Ted. They owned together a solid valiant sled. Whenever they slid through the town on the sled, they wouldn’t experience even a pound of dread. One particular Friday, Ted walked into the bakery that sold the best bread.

Ted was caught in a web suddenly and all he could do was stare. Stare at a beauty rare as magic that wasn’t hat and the hare. He couldn’t help but think if they would make a great pair. So, Claire, as her name tag read, with her silky hair and her exuberant flair unknowingly cast upon Ted and his red heart a mighty spell. Ted got up from his chair and stepped towards Claire to confess to her the feelings his heart did bear.

But at the very last moment, Ted wondered if he should take the opinion of Fred. Ted unparked his sled and towards Fred’s shed he sped. Fred woke up from his bed and tread with ted while asking him to share about Claire. Upon which, Fred said that if Ted could swear his feelings for Claire, confessing would only seem fair.

That particular evening, they experienced dread and concussion to their head. Apparently, Claire was wed to Ned and he was strong as a bear. Bear as in not a ted-dy bear but bear as in to mess with him nobody would dare. But mess with him they both did. And just as much or more they bled.

Check where you get advices, content and more. Ever wonder if they are reliable and not just yet another sober preach?

This is why you need content priced. Just so you won’t end up like Ted.