Odd numbers.

Odd numbers.

Before we begin, to increase easy understanding of the blog I have made all intended puns bold.

Why are odd numbers called odd numbers? Even though they are not a multiple of 2, they are perfectly alright numbers. Who decided that indivisibility by 2 (which is yet another number) is what makes a number odd? Preposterous. The division among numbers is not something we should tolerate.

I can imagine how odd numbers were named. I am 100% sure it was someone British who did this feat. After adopting the Hindu Arabic Numeric System and just learning what division was, here's a recorded transcript of their conversation:

Brit-ernet Explorer : Broth'r th're is a new updateth from the east. Those gents discov'r'd something hath called division. People art going crazy ov'r it
Ser Rob D Seez: Gatekeep not, giveth the secret. We divideth all numb'rs by 2
Brit-ernet Explorer: Why divideth by 2? art we dedicate to the 2 countries yond we havent invaded?
Ser Rob D Seez: haha something thee could sayeth.
Brit-ernet Explorer: But thee has to checketh this: ev'ry alt'rnate numb'r's not divisible by 2.
Ser Rob D Seez: That's a bit odd innit?

And thus they were crowned as odd numbers.

We really should think about it more. The supremacy the number '2' holds is just irrefutable. Numbers not divisible by any number other than 1 should be called losers by the odd nomenclature logic. But since the dictator of the number system (2) is also among these 'losers' they are given a fancy name called Prime Numbers. this absolutely infuriates me. These prime numbers being odd numbers themselves, have committed crimes by allying with the tyrannical government (2 and its army of even numbers) in successfully oppressing the odd number.

Whoever named odd numbers odd was probably the same dude who called women smarter than him witches, inventions he couldn't understand as blasphemous weapons of satan and freedom of speech as a political conspiracy used by those who didn't want him in power.

Don't even get me started on how even numbers are named even numbers. OKAY. I AM ANNOYED NOW. The first category of numbers is even numbers. and the second category are not even numbers? ODD NUMBERS ARE ALSO NUMBERS. #JUSTICEFORODDNUMBERS