A Huge Crisis

An English poem about a traveler lost in a Desert and his thoughts. He is desperately trying to Figure out reality from the warped with a blurred sense of awareness.

A Huge Crisis

I went to the land of sand,
It was quite meaningless.
Whatever I saw or
was seen, was feelingless

I walked through the dunes
And listened to the tunes,
I prayed to god a rid to this gloom.
Is this where I face my doom?

Just when my light was going out,
A lady rushed to me with a cute pout.
She had some style, she had some panache
Or was she just my hopeless mirage?

Found myself awake at an oasis.
Did I avert a huge crisis?
Or over my body is a nemesis?
Is this the lady's genesis?

It's so cold probably in minus
Is that lady a missus?
Answer me, God, please!
Haven't I been pious?

Why are my hands tied?!
Do I smell spices?
Oh shit! Will I be fried?
That's a pyre save me, Cyrus!

Oh, wait! I am in a desert,
Why do I have a sinus?
Just then, somebody screamed,
"Wake up you have the virus!"