Videos of Talks and Presentations

Below I list a few of the talks, lectures, and tutorials I’ve given for which video or slides are available online.

~ Updated February 2019 ~

Demystifying Natural Language Processing with Scikit-Learn and Keras @ PyCon APAC, Manila, Philippines

I instructed a 3 hour workshop on how NLP can be utilised with very less changes to any existing Machine Learning workflow and defined guiding principles on how practioners should setup and work through a Data-Driven project with text!

Machine Learning in Production @ Deloitte Consulting LLP, Hyderabad, India

This presentation attempts to merge the gap that data scientists may have in software development practices. In here, We look at a data science workflow in Python that adapts ideas from software development that ease collaborations and keeps a project in a state that is easy to productionise.

Linux Essentials 101 @ LinuxChix Meetup, Bangalore, India

The talk intends to give a solid foundation in how to use the terminal, to get the computer to do useful work for you.

Data Science in Action @ Facebook Developer Circles Meetup, Delhi, India

The beginner-level covered the basics of Machine Learning using Recommendation Engines as an example and how Data Enabled teams work across a large scale organisation.

Introduction to Natural Language Processing @ Facebook Developer Circles Meetup, Delhi, India

I spoke about how NLP is/ will change the product landscape and how one can ride the hype along. Slides